If the development attract too many people, will it overload the existing natural environment and cause damages?
What is the difference between The Baroque on Lamma and a typical development?
BoL would be in a very remote location, currently only accessible by small, low-frequency ferries, followed by a half-hour walk from Mo Tat Wan or one hour from Sok Kwu Wan. What public and private and transport infrastructure is planned for residents and visitors?
How would you protect the beautiful, natural environment of South Lamma and the habitats of indigenous animals (Romer's Tree Frogs, Sham Wan Beach's Green Turtles, etc)?
How could the developers acquire and own land that is on non-transferable agricultural leases to villagers?
How do you differentiate yourself from vision-led property developments like Cyberport, Sea Ranch, Park Island, Gold Coast and Discovery Bay which are nowadays perceived by some people as property developments only? Which lessons have you learned from the example of the similarly ambitious but almost deserted Sea Ranch luxury development on Lantau?
CAR PARKING: Over 100 private and public parking spaces are proposed for private cars, buses, and lorries. However, all powered vehicles are not permitted on Lamma so far (except VVs, emergency vehicles and Lamma Power Station vehicles). Please explain
GREENWASHING: How committed and dedicated are you about the extensive green features of your proposal? The HK-listed developers have been building and selling numerous luxury developments all over China very successfully. Are these green features included mainly to get the currently "green" zoning changed and then sell luxury property?
YACHTING COMMUNITY SUPPORT: HK's yachting and sailing clubs claim to have heard very little of your plans so far. What are your experience, connections and support in the local and international yachting/sailing community? What can you add to HK's current yachting, sailing, windsurfing and watersports venues?
SUPER-MARINA: Singapore and other countries have built large marinas suitable for superyachts (which you hope to attract), usually with very limited success. What did you learn from these marinas to become more successful?
BENEFITS: What positive (and potentially negative) impacts do you expect for all of Lamma Island, beyond South Lamma (besides potential further price increases in house sales and rentals)?
FUTURE PLANS: Is BoL planned to grow into a large, expanding development like Discovery Bay, taking over much of South Lamma?
EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Whether the project will generate employment opportunities for local residents during construction and during operation stage?
POTENTIAL SOCIAL IMPACT: During Construction Stage, whether the disturbance will discourage weekend tourists to Tung O and other tourists spots like Sok Kwu Wan; and whether a prolonged construction period will result in some shops/restaurants going out of business?
CONNECTIVITY: Whether good transportation link will be provided to adjoining areas like Sok Kwu Wan during Operation Stage so that shops/restaurant operators there can be benefited from the increased number of tourists and that the residents can enjoy the new facilities offered at the development?
EXISTING TOURISM DEVELOPMENT: Whether the existing hiking tours and eco-tours carried out from time to time in the vicinity of the Project site will be affected?