Youth Creativity on Abandoned Farmland

Our summer interns from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology had come up with a creative way in making use of the 100-year-abandoned farmland in Tung O. Their suggestions have considered both environmental and social impacts, aiming to provide an opportunity for city dwellers to appreciate and reconnect with the nature. Below are their proposed usage:

Organic Farming Programme

Organic farming is a farming practice without the use of pesticides or chemicals. It focuses on balancing the economic, social and environment elements. The suggested programme includes growing crops of high quality for the locals and preserving the natural environment. Participants can also experience and enjoy the farming fun.

Multi-purpose Area (MPA)

This area can serve as the location for occasional functions and activities. Locals and tourists can come together and enjoy their holiday.

Outdoor Activities Area (OAA)

Outdoor activities area is a location for adventurous activities like grass skiing and rope courses where the younger ones can enjoy the sunny afternoon with sweat and fun.

Youth Education Space (YES)

This space can conduct youth wild camps to train them for outdoor living skills like cooking and setting up tents. Team building games and nature discovering games can also spice up their night.

If you’re interested to see their full report, please visit here.