Report on Sustainable Road Design & Evaluation of Road Design in BoL

The research by our summer intern aimed to evaluate the sustainability of road design in BoL. Through a series of comparison with different standards and principles, the research expected to find applicable features that road system in BoL could add on and hence make further improvements.

The report has included the following aspects:

Defining Sustainable Road

By taking definition of “sustainable road” with various sustainability tools as reference, the research have discover a life cycle approach in constructing a sustainable road. As the research aimed to evaluate sustainability of road design in BoL, different road rating systems are being studied, with a view to make the suggested evaluating framework of the project more sophisticated.

Research on Different Road Designs

Through investigating the philosophy behind different sustainable road design approaches, the research aimed to discover their effectiveness and benefit.

Analyzing Framework

The research suggested an analyzing framework for evaluating the sustainability of a road. The framework consists of 6 aspects in the evaluation, including water use, social equity, site aspects, materials aspects, traffic and energy use.

Case Studies

The research analyzed 3 main cases of “Greenroad” and investigated the sustainable designs being implemented. Besides, specific road features are highlighted to emphasize elements that road in BoL could take as reference.

Evaluation on BoL’s Road Design

The research suggested an analyzing framework into application and evaluated the sustainability of road design in BoL.

Suggestions on Improvement

The research suggested some possible improvement that road and transportation in BoL could improve, including mode of transport, road paving and road lighting.

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