BoL Environmental Policy

The Baroque on Lamma Limited (BoL) is committed to environmental sustainability. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a role model for our staff, customers, suppliers and business partners. We will work tirelessly to demonstrate that being environmentally responsible is conducive to the long-term development of the corporation.



Adhering strictly to all applicable laws and environmental protection practices.


Management Systems

Constantly upgrade the environmental management level of BoL. Actively encouraging and educating our staff to be environmentally responsible.


Continuous Improvement

Committed to continually improving our environmental protection measures.


Sustainable Development

Promoting green architecture, adopting environmentally friendly design and materials; Conducting research and development on new green construction technologies.


Suppliers and Contractors

Promoting the public environmental awareness and actively encouraging suppliers, contractors and customers to cherish our environment.


Local Communities

Strive to resolve concerns of local community and other interested groups over environmental issues and show respect to the environment.


Environmental Strategy “4Rs”

Actively promote our environmental strategy with “4Rs”: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Replace.