Concept Design Evolution

We have engaged 3 separate civil engineering consultants; namely Messrs Mott MacDonald HK Ltd, Messrs URS Scott Wilson, and Messrs BMT Asia Pacific Ltd, to undertake preliminary conceptual design for the breakwater at the marina. The design criteria include 1 in 100 years extreme weather, visual impact and adoption of non-dredging method for the breakwater construction. The 1 in 100 years extreme wave condition was eventually agreed for wave height of 8.3m HS and wave period of 13.2 seconds. 
Different types of breakwater design were evaluated, and interestingly, they converge on the “dual structure” breakwater concept as being the most cost effective and most visually acceptable. This concept eventually evolved into a combined U-shaped structure because the stability of a wide structure is better than that of a single element, while the total width still fits within the footprint of a conventional seawall foundation.