Response to Searching for New Directions: A Study of Hong Kong Electricity Market by Consumer Council   ( 2015/02/02 )

Our Response

We agree on and are happy to contribute to some of the suggestions made in the recent publication of Consumer Council: Searching for New Directions: A Study of Hong Kong Electricity Market by Consumer Council.  (

With our supporting stance in the HKSAR Government’s effort in minimising the environmental impact in the electricity sector, we strongly agree to achieve sustainability by minimising fossil fuel reliance and explore opportunities in adopting renewable energies.   In the process of finding suitable renewable energies for Hong Kong, we believe one of the suggestions in the report would be most suitable: Enabling commercial wise small-scale generation of energy.   Given the geographical limitation in Hong Kong, renewable energy generation mostly comes in small scale.  By opening up commercial wise small-scale generation of renewable energies, institutes and developers will have the incentive to install renewable power generation systems to cut costs on energy consumption and improve green image.  Of course, the HKSAR Government and the two electricity companies have to form an inspection authority to take care of the application and ensure the quality of the applicant.   This suggestion can also serve as the testing stage of the Hong Kong Future Energy Mix, to provide more testing and proof to decide on the suitable energy mix for Hong Kong.

For project with no or minimal infrastructure on site, renewable power generation technologies can become feasible technically and financially.  For instance, The Baroque on Lamma project, which is located in the southern part of Lamma Island, comprises a small residential community, hotel, marina and a small seaside commercial township.   In here, a comprehensive low carbon strategy is designed to reduce fossil-fueled power significantly by drawing on renewable energies ranging from solar, wind and wave.   With the implementation of renewable power generation and energy efficiency measures in building designs, it is anticipated to achieve low or even zero carbon footprint for the whole community.   We believe this is a good opportunity to explore and develop application of small scale local power generation technologies for remote locations as an alternative to total reliance on central supply.   To know more about our project in this link:

Eco-destination on Lamma Island


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