Showcase of Sustainable Communities – Hammarby Sjöstad in Sweden   ( 2014/07/15 )

After visiting two impressive sustainable communities located in Germany, here we are at the southern part of Stockholm – Hammarby, where a neighbourhood using only sustainable materials in their construction is highlighted. With an extensive waste separation programme introduced since development, block based recycling centres and environmental information centre are constructed for handling domestic and hazardous wastes respectively. Besides providing waste recycling, the information centre offers diverse training sessions and exhibitions on new sustainable technologies.

Residents started moving into this 160 hectares ‘green’ city since early-mid 90s and the development is expected to be completed by 2015, where it will house 11,000 residential apartments, along with comprehensive provision of new public transport links, leisure facilities and green public spaces. The community embraces overwhelming green strategies such as:

  • District cooling takes place using purified waste water in a heat exchanger from the waste water treatment plant 
  • District heating’s sources come from waste heat, combustible waste and solar cells 
  • Domestic sewage is converted into biogas for use in public transport vehicles
  • The percentage of private car has shown a significant decrease 
  • The number of journeys made using public transport, particularly the “Tvärbanan” light rail link and the ferry, have increased 
  • Carbon Dioxide emission is reduced by approximately 2,373 tonnes per year
  • Reduced water flow and dual flush toilets are installed to lower water consumption 
  • Storm water retention is done through implementation of green roofs, canals and gutters 
  • Rainwater and snowmelt is collected and treated on streets through two tanks, one for settling and the other for draining 
  • Lifecycle analysis (LCA) is carried out to determine suitability of “returning nitrogen to agricultural land” and of “utilising the chemical energy present in the wastewater”
Habitat and Ecology
  • Extensive green public spaces and corridors are linked to a nature reserve and an oak forest nearby 
  • Attractive environments for many species of insect and bird are created
Culture and Leisure
  • Provision of a library and cultural centre to enhance cultural vibrancy 
  • A slalom ski slope with sports facilities encourages a healthy and energetic lifestyle
Social infrastructure
  • Various authorities and administrations actively get involved throughout the course of the project
To find out more impressive ‘green’ communities, stay tuned for our next episode of Showcase of Sustainable Communities”, where we will be heading south to Austria!

Photo source: Walk in Stockholm

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