Supplementary Information

Thank you for browsing the website of The Baroque on Lamma. We value transparency, and are pleased to share with you our Supplementary Information as submitted to the Town Planning Board on 8 September 2011 so that you will obtain a more in-depth understanding of our project. In line with the public inspection registration procedure of the Town Planning Board, please kindly provide your name and e-mail address, and a download hyperlink will be sent to your e-mail address immediately.

Supplementary Information includes,
1. Supplementary Planning Justification
2. Revised Section on Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
3. Revised Section on Terrestrial Ecological Assessment
4. Revised Section on Marine Ecological Assessment
5. Revised Section on Fisheries Impact
6. Social Impact Assessment
7. Consolidated Frequently Asked Questions from Public and Answer

Note: Since the last submission in 2011, we have made numerous improvements to the proposal in response to comments received. The information herein contained will be superseded when the revised proposal has been submitted.