FAQ: What is the difference between The Baroque on Lamma and a typical development?    ( 2015/07/28 )

What we propose is a new and innovative concept whereby the existing ecological values are the primary consideration. Through land swapping, development will occupy land of relatively low ecological value leaving those of higher value preserved insitu, hence, avoiding the conflict between development and conservation. 

Through this new development model and concept, we can achieve zero displacement of villagers and insitu preservation of existing habitat and cultural heritage on Lamma Island. Through such principle, cultural heritage and natural beauty of Lamma Island are preserved. Villagers can stay behind to share the fruit of the development and their descendents can return to work on Lamma Island. What the public can enjoy now will continue to be enjoyed by them. The neglected cultural heritage will be revived, the invasive species threatened local ecology can be tackled effectively, and the lack of communal facilities will be improved. This is why majority of local villagers and businesses give support to the proposed development.

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