Showcase of Sustainable Communities – Kronsberg in Germany   ( 2014/05/21 )

Successful cases of sustainable community were seen around the globe, take the example of Kronsberg of Hannover in Germany, it took over 12 years of planning and construction works to develop the district. At the time of its conception, this project was only 1 of 6 in Europe that addressed the sustainable development vision, with a holistic view regarding aspects of energy, water, transport, construction practice, greening, social cohesion and equitable development addressed.

Kronsberg is a mixed residential district with over 7,000 residents in 2013. The site occupies an area of 1,200 hectares with a capacity to provide 6,000 flats serving 15,000 residents.

Kronsberg has adopted a wide variety of green strategy, including:

  • District Heating by decentralised CHP in cellars
  • Passive design of houses, south facing windows
  • South facing windows to collect solar energy
  • Houses have super insulation and assessed for thermal bridging using multi-dimensional heat flow programs
  • 3 wind power plants
  • Use of private car is discouraged by provision of extensive footpaths and cycling paths, as well as a new tram station linking the district to the city centre
  • City of Hannover imposed strict regulations on construction practices
  • All construction waste sorted
  • Excavated soil must be reused on site
Social Infrastructure
  • Provision of different apartment sizes, privately financed apartments, apartments to rent, and publicly subsidised apartments were carefully planned
  • All citizens played an important role throughout the planning process to discuss issues and share opinions
We shall continue to introduce other examples of sustainable community development. Please stay tuned!

Photo Source: Government of Hannover

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