BoL – Redefining “marina” in Hong Kong   ( 2014/03/31 )

Small towns along the Mediterranean sea-shore in Europe are open to general public where yachts and visitors share and enjoy the same space together without boundaries. No matter what your budget is, there are always plenty of signature activities for visitors to explore. This publicly accessible and usable model is exactly the concept The Baroque on Lamma has adopted when designing the marina. Other than that the project also includes a public pier complemented by convenient water and land traffic links, with various facilities and public spaces available for everyone to enjoy.
As part of the Lamma community, the waterfront plaza in the marina will definitely adopt a variety of local elements, such as street markets with selections of Lamma specialty and promotions of the fishery culture. It can also act as the venue for cultural celebrations such as the Tin Hau Festival, so as to provide a platform for Lamma Island to continue its traditional culture. We believe the project shall become another popular tourist attraction and a new spot for the public to enjoy at their leisure.
No matter in terms of scale or design, the marina at The Baroque on Lamma is up to world-class standard with the ability to host large-scale international windsurfing races. Its public-accessible design also gives the word “marina” a new definition in Hong Kong where it is generally regarded as a synonym to “activity for the rich” and “luxury”. At the same time, the setting up of the Sailing Academy at the marina can help promote the sports of sailing to the public and provide athlete training in hopes to win honour for Hong Kong. The public golf course located in Kau Sai Chau would be a perfect example for how golfing, the internationally-sought-after sport, becoming popular in Hong Kong. The concept is similar to what we are providing at The Baroque on Lamma, a popular public facility dedicated to ocean-related activities.

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Portofino, Italy, a town situated along the Mediterranean sea-shore in Europe

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