Marinas go green   ( 2011/11/03 )

Environmental awareness is increasingly important for marinas all over the world. Different eco-programmes like “Blue Flag” and “Five Gold Anchor Awards” have been launched since 80s to help maintain the environmental quality of a marina. These programmes have become criteria on which a marina is judged and on which customers decide whether or not to join or visit the facilities.

The Blue Flag Programme, for instance, is owned and run by the non-government, non-profit organisation the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. Currently, more than 41 countries are participating in the Programme.
1) Environmental Education and Information
• Information relating to local eco-systems and environmental phenomena must be available to marina users.
• A code of conduct that reflects appropriate laws governing the use of the marina and surrounding areas must be displayed at the marina.
• Information about the Blue Flag Marina Programme and/or the Blue Flag Marina Criteria must be displayed in the marina.
• The marina is responsible for offering at least three environmental education activities to the users and staff of the marina.
• The Blue Flag for boat owners is offered through the marina.

2) Water Quality
• The water in the marina must be visually clean without any evidence of pollution (oil, litter, sewage, etc).

3) Environmental Management
• A marina management committee should be established to be in charge of instituting environmental management systems and conducting regular environmental audits of the marina facility.
• The marina must have an environmental policy and an environmental plan. The plan should include references to water management, waste and energy consumption, health and safety issues, and the use of environmentally-friendly products wherever possible.
• Adequate, properly identified, segregated containers must be in place for the storage of hazardous wastes. The wastes must be handled by a licensed contractor and disposed of at a licensed facility for hazardous wastes.
• The marina must have facilities for receiving recyclable waste materials (bottles, cans, paper, plastic, organic material, etc).
• Bilge water pumping facilities should be present at the marina.
• Toilet pumping facilities must be present in the marina.
• All buildings and equipment must be properly maintained and in compliance with national legislation. The marina must be well integrated into the surrounding natural and built environment.
• Adequate, clean and clearly signposted sanitary facilities must be in place and provide washing facilities and drinking water. Sewage disposal is controlled and directed to a licensed sewage treatment.
• If the marina has boat repairing and washing areas, no pollution must enter the sewage system, marina land, water or natural surroundings.
• Sustainable transportation should be promoted.
• Parking/driving is not permitted in the marina unless in designated areas.
4) Safety and Services
• Adequate and clearly signposted lifesaving, first-aid and fire-fighting equipment must be present. Equipment must be approved by national authorities.
• Emergency plans in case of pollution, fire or other accidents must be produced.
• Safety precautions and information must be posted at the marina.
• Electricity and water is available at the berths, installations must be approved according to national legislation.
• Wheelchair access and accessibility features should be in place.
• A map indicating the location of the different facilities must be clearly posted at the marina. 
The Baroque on Lamma aims to introduce an innovative green project in Hong Kong, embodying a world-class marina, an ecological tourist destination, a training centre for windsurfing and sailing elite athletes, complete with a 6-star spa resort hotel, a public waterfront plaza and low-density residential communities, thereby introducing a new destination which blends in with local ecology.
We are more than happy to communicate with different groups and introduce our project. We shall keep you updated on our latest news in Blog of Baroque. For enquiry, please e-mail to

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