Going to School    ( 2011/06/29 )

This is a personal experience shared by a member of The Baroque on Lamma.

I have never been so concentrate on a lecture for more than 10 years. It all happened with an advertisement a few months ago - “How to upgrade your life: Enjoy the infinite ocean and immeasurable sky”.
I was deeply touched by the advertisement and decided to register for the class of “Pleasure Vessel Engineer” online without much consideration. I had the first class last Saturday morning. The course was rather intensive covering air pressurizing, combustion point, the engine and the power system, etc. I found the course to be extremely difficult in content for someone who has very limited Physics knowledge to understand.

To obtain a Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Certificate of Competency, one has to take four tests each month, and each test will be divided into two parts - "Master" (Navigation, Seamanship and Safety) and "Engineer" (Marine Engineering). Candidates are required to answer 40 multiple choice questions in 25 minutes. Don’t think it’s just a piece of cake, one has to get at least 70% of the questions correct to pass the examination. And I was told that a lot of people were unable to pass the exam even they have taken so many times. Well… It is obvious that my upcoming exam would be very challenging.

However, I could imagine if I’m able to get the certification, I can ride on the sea carefreely. No emails, no phone calls, just me and the sea. Life can be so peaceful and graceful when you escape from the concrete jungle and the flocks.
The Baroque on Lamma aims to introduce an innovative green project in Hong Kong, embodying a world-class marina, an ecological tourist destination, a training centre for windsurfing and sailing elite athletes, complete with a 6-star spa resort hotel, a public waterfront plaza and low-density residential communities, thereby introducing a new destination which blends in with local ecology.
We are more than happy to communicate with different groups and introduce our project. We shall keep you updated on our latest news in Blog of Baroque. For enquiry, please e-mail to enquiry@bol-hk.com.

Yours Sincerely,
The Baroque on Lamma

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